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Fair Housing Research
Discriminatory Effects of Credit Scoring on Communities of ColorLisa Rice and Deidre Swesnik presented this report at the 2012 Symposium on Credit Scoring and Credit Reporting.

To listen to an audio recording, click here.
Residential Segrgation and Housing Discrimination in the United StatesThis shadow report evaluates the current state of housing discrimination and segregation and the United States government’s failure to fulfill its obligations related to housing under CERD.
Subprime SpilloverThis report from the Center for Responsible Lending addresses the effect of foreclosures on communities in terms of lower property values and reduced tax base.
The Subprime Lending Crisis: The Economic Impact on Wealth, Property Values and Tax Revenues, and How We Got Here The Joint Economic Committee report is the first of its kind to project economic costs on a state-by-state basis from the third quarter of 2007 through 2009.
Are You Listening Now? A National Investigation Uncovers Housing Discrimination against the Deaf and Hard of HearingThe National Fair Housing Alliance, in cooperation with eleven of its member organizations, conducted a national investigation of rental practices of rental firms to ascertain how deaf or hard of hearing persons were treated in comparison to hearing pers
“Unequal Opportunity Lenders? Analyzing Racial Disparities in Big Banks' High-Priced Lending” This report found that many of the nation’s largest banks and their subsidiaries, who received TARP funds, offered 41.5% of African American borrowers and 30.9% of Hispanics high-priced mortgages, while only 17.8% of whites received high-priced mortgages.
Coast to Coast, Declining Home Prices and Rising Foreclosures Will Cost U.S. Families Over $2.6 TrillionSen. Charles E. Schumer, Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee (JEC), recently released reports showing that the subprime foreclosure crisis could cost over $2.6 TRILLION in household wealth from record numbers of foreclosures and falling home prices.
Fair Housing Overview Powerpoint PresentationOn July 3, 2008 several NFHA staff members gave a presentation on the current state of fair housing to a group of graduate students participating in the Lott Summer Exchange Program.
Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Case Against AG Spanos Construction Co.Last summer the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA), Fair Housing of Marin, Fair Housing Napa Valley, Metro Fair Housing and the Fair Housing Continuum filed one of the country's largest design and construction accessibility cases brought under the FHA.
Losing GroundThis report from the Center for Responsible Lending predicts that millions of American households will lost their homes to foreclosure in the subprime mortgage market.
Mayor and City Council of Baltimore v. Wells Fargo Bank N.A. et al., The City of Baltimore alleges that Wells Fargo Bank intentionally targeted Baltimore’s minority communities for predatory loans with discriminatory and unfair terms.The City is represented by Relman & Dane, PLLC.
No Home for the HolidaysNFHA’s investigation into housing practices following the hurricanes documented violations of the federal Fair Housing Act in several states to which many hurricane victims fled: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Texas.
Still No Home for The Holidays2006 follow-up to the 2005 report.
Rep. Frank to Discuss State of Fair Housing with National, Local Leaders & Discrimination VictimsRep. Frank Joins National and Local Leaders, Victim of Housing Discrimination to Discuss State of Fair Housing. Fair Housing Act Remains Least Enforced Civil Rights Law after 40 Years.
NFHA Trends Reports
REO Report - Discrimination in Foreclosed Homes
Mortgage Loan Modification Scams
Have I Got a Deal for You!An Undercover Investigation of Mortgage Loan Modification Scams
Fight Hate
Fight Hate Rapid Response StrategySteps for providing immediate assistance to victims of housing related hate activity.
Fight Hate GuideA Prevention and Response Guide for America's Neighborhoods.
Rental Audits
National Commission on Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

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