Operating Organization Membership

Operating Membership is reserved for private, non-profit, full service fair housing organizations. These groups receive special access to educational and training resources both through our website and our office. NFHA provides assistance to these members with methodology development, public policy initiatives, education and outreach strategies, and administrative, personnel and financial functions.  Members are provided with a range of multi media educational materials.

 Download Application for Operating Organization Membership

 Supporting Organization Membership

Supporting Organization Membership is available to any organization or corporation that is not a private full-service fair housing organization but may provide fair housing services or be otherwise involved with or supportive of fair housing. Often these groups are members of the housing industry, law firms, legal services corporations, government entities or academic departments.

 Download Application for Supporting Organization Membership.

 Individual Membership

Individual membership is available to anyone who wishes to support NFHA in its mission to end housing discrimination.  By joining, you will be helping your local fair housing agencies end discrimination in your own community.

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