NFHA Joins Opposition to Sessions Nomination

The National Fair Housing Alliance joined over 200 national civil and human rights organizations in opposing the nomination of Jefferson B. Sessions to be the 84th Attorney General of the United States. Sessions has a 30-year record of racial bias, hostility to the protection of civil rights, and support for voter suppression activity that disqualify him from serving as the nation’s chief attorney. The Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee voted 10 to 8 to block Sessions’ nomination for a federal judgeship in 1986 because of his harsh stance against civil rights organizations and affinity for white supremacy groups.

Read the letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee opposing Sessions’ AG nomination here.
NFHA Comments to the Senate Banking Committee on Housing Finance Reform Legislation

The National Fair Housing Alliance submitted comments to the Senate Banking Committee on the proposed legislation to reform our nation's housing finance system. Our comments focus on the importance of providing fair, non-discriminatory access to the system for all qualified borrowers and ways the legislation can accomplish this goal.

To read the comments, please click here

NFHA Calls on Federal Regulators to Develop Stronger Diversity Standards for Assessing Diversity Policies

NFHA encouraged the Offices of Minority and Women Inclusion at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, National Credit Union Administration, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Securities Exchange Commission to conduct objective and consistent assesments of diversity efforts of the financial industry to promote diversity and inclusion to the maximum extent possible.

To read the comments, please click here

New HUD Olmstead Guidance Step in Right Direction

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has issued new guidance on how the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the Olmstead case applies to HUD’s programs and activities. The guidance makes clear that HUD and entities that receive financial assistance from HUD must provide housing for people with disabilities in the most integrated setting appropriate to their needs.

To read the press release in its entirety, please click here

2013 Fair Housing Trends Report

National Fair Housing Alliance Report Calls for Modernizing Fair Housing Act to Include Protection for LGBT People and Source of Income “Modernizing the Fair Housing Act for the 21st Century” highlights the need to amend the federal Fair Housing Act to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, source of income, and marital status

The report finds a rise in the number of housing discrimination complaints filed by individuals and families with a marked spike in harassment complaints. Harassment complaints were up 35% from last year’s numbers and include complaints because of race, national origin, disability, sex, and having children in the home. Included in the report are harassment and other complaints from Louisiana, New York, Ohio, Texas, and other states.

Click here to view the news release

Click here to view the full report

In many states housing discrimination because of sexual orientation, gender identity, legal source of income, or marital status is still permitted. Click on any of the maps below to see larger versions:


The Public Policy arm of the National Fair Housing Alliance works to increase the awareness of policy-makers and regulators about the issues associated with fair housing and fair lending.  The public policy team works with members of both the House and the Senate to introduce new civil rights legislation, often in partnership with other civil rights agencies.  The team also works with NFHA members, assisting them in raising awareness of fair housing issues with their local and federal representatives.

Questions? Contact Jorge Andres Soto at or call 202-898-1661.

NFHA Testifies Before U.N. on Foreclosure Crisis

On October 26, Ben Clark testified on behalf of NFHA before Raquel Rolnik, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, about the fair housing implications of the foreclosure crisis. In his testimony, Clark discussed NFHA's specific policy recommendations to address the crisis.

Read the full testimony here.

Fair Housing and the Troubled Asset Relief Program: How TARP Funds Could (And Should) be Used to Improve Our Neighborhoods
As America struggles to emerge from its current economic crisis, the requirement to affirmatively further fair housing is as important as ever.  Government efforts to jumpstart the economy have involved massive spending on housing and community development.  For example, the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), the single largest program in place to address the economic crisis, has recapitalized banks with the intention of restoring their ability to lend and has worked to provide homeowners on the brink of foreclosure with opportunities to modify their loans before it is too late.  Because the recession has hit communities of color the hardest, and because the recession began in part because of failed discriminatory mortgage loans made in those communities, any attempts to ease the recession must involve explicit plans to increase residential and economic opportunities for the residents of those neighborhoods.
Click here to read NFHA's latest position paper on TARP and affirmatively furthering fair housing.
Disparate Impact Under the Fair Housing Act: a proposed approach

The Fair Housing Act and its attendant litigation have clearly demonstrated that the Act includes the disparate impact standard.  In a paper entitled "Disparate Impact under the Fair Housing Act:  A Proposed Approach" Sara Pratt and Robert Schwemm lay out the evidence for concluding that the Fair Housing Act includes this standard and a plan of action moving forward. 

Click here to download the paper

Click here to access it online through the Social Science Research Network.



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